Real Time

cryptographic validation!

Certificate of authenticity
for each tag!

Customized certificates

Unclonable tags!

NFC authentication!

Our System

    • Simple and Fast Authentication in Real Time (only one step)
    • Scan the tag on the object
    • App communicates with Ei-Tag server (secure connection)
    • If the tag is authentic, the user sees object's additional details.
    • Our underlying technology and cryptographic validation process is state-of-the-art.
    • Certificate of authenticity to each label
    • Standard or Customized certificates
    • More information

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    • Conterfeiting Protection / Fake goods: Billions of euros are lost each year with significant loss of revenue and credibility for brands.
    • Unclonable RFID tags – assure customers of a Genuine Product
    • Brand Protection – builds trust relationships between brand and costumer.
    • Increases Sales!
    • Easy incorporation on your manufacturing and supply chain!
    • Customers authenticate items in real time, at the point of sale.
    • Increases sales confidence and customer satisfaction.



    • Industrial Equipments
    • Clothing
    • High Assets Value (Jewelry, Paintings, Watches, etc.)
    • Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory Analysis
    • Protected Origin Denomination
    • Unique or Exclusive Product
    • Biologic Production


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